XP Theme

XP Theme 1.0

Celebrate the Windows OS on your phone


  • Gorgeous background image
  • Nice menu icons


  • Perhaps a bit too colorful if anything


Make no mistake about it XP was a classic operating system and one which should live long in the memory. But if you've been foolish enough to upgrade to Vista this XP theme will help you recall the good old days.

Although it's not a direct copy of the Windows interface, XP Theme recreates the styling of the OS in an interesting way. The focal point of the theme is the curious reworking of the XP logo, which appears as the background wallpaper. I'm not sure what the designer used to create it, but the colorful 3D-rendered boxes in the XP Theme look gorgeous.

What's more, XP Theme changes lots of other aspects of your Symbian interface, such as the menu icons, which are bright and colorful, and the addition of yellow menu text.

XP Theme binds all these interface elements together nicely to make a very attractive skin for your S60.

XP Theme


XP Theme 1.0

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